Tess and Torrid

Get ready for a Memorial Day surprise. Tess Holliday, size 22 and gorgeous, will be on the June 1st issue of People magazine. She didn’t just break the rules, she created new rules that we were all very happy to follow. She’s amassed 707,000 Instagram followers, has signed with a modeling agency, and is doing advertising campaigns for Torrid fashion and Benefit beauty. Check out the issue and also check out these great fashions from Torrid that have a definite Tess empowerment to them.

Fall Forecast

It’s not even Memorial Day and those in the fashion industry are discussing fall! Ok, it’s not as annoying as it sounds. Twice a year we hold what’s called an Editor’s Event for bloggers and magazine editors to see what’s coming out in fall, and yesterday was such a great day of getting excited about the inspiration and innovation that will be seen in a few months.

The Finales

This is a week of finales. “Revenge” had a series finale last Sunday and Amanda and Jack sailed off into the sunset. "Scandal" had a season finale last night, and it was as amazing as we’ve come to expect from Shonda Rhimes...though being team Jake made Liv's choice a disappointment. But, the really big deal is the series finale of "Mad Men".


It’s not enough to just be pretty, you also need to be smart. So why should it be any different for the ‘girls’ best friend? We want our bras to be gorgeous, of course, but we also need them to be smart and hard working. Welcome to the new world of multi-taskers to make us look and feel fabulous.

Get Ready

Memorial Day is just two weeks away, but plenty of time to treat yourself to something new for the official start of summer. In the spirit of remembering, this summer is a haven of retro style, from the sweet gingham and polka dots we remember as little girls to retro two-piece swimsuits. There something about wearing “charming” that makes us feel and act charming…promise.

The Met Event

No, it is not a division of match.com. Rather, the Met Gala (or Met Ball) is considered to be the “Most Important Night of the Year” by fashionistas. Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY holds a fundraiser to benefit its Costume Exhibit and the gala celebrates the opening of the fashion exhibit.
Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

There are certain holidays that transcend their national origins and become a time of celebration for everyone. Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays, where we all want to share some margaritas and fabulous Mexican food.

May Day

With a tradition that dates back centuries, May Day was originally about celebrating spring with dancing, singing and eating cake -- now that's my idea of a celebration! Brought to America by early settlers, May Day has been everything from workers’ day to just watching flowers pop up.

May Flowers

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with florals. There’s a part of me that associates flowers with making me look larger and older, and then there’s that part that makes me feel younger and fresher.

City Chic

Fashion is a lot like people...each brand has its own personality. One brand that is quickly becoming a fast friend to both me and fullbeauty.com is City Chic. "Born" in Australia with a clear mission to provide the quintessential shopping experience, City Chic created a design collection with a "unique to chic" fit, fabric and print mix, quickly growing from 6 to over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America. As a leading global plus size fashion, denim, dress and lingerie retailer, City Chic likes to say it is for 'Confidently Curvy' girls with a "Passion for Fashion."