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At What Age Should Girls Start Wearing Their First Bra?

age wear bra

When to buy your daughter her first bra isn’t a matter of age but of breast development.

Every woman remembers her first bra—not to mention her first reading of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret? by Judy Blume. I was in fourth grade when I read it. What a page-turner! Bra shopping, lying best friends, first periods—that book had it all. The secrets of womanhood were in those pages (or so I thought).

Are Padded Bras More Comfortable?

padded bra

Many women prefer padded bras because padding offers more coverage and rounds out the bust line.

Are padded bras more comfortable? Does red wine taste better than white? Who’s hotter—Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling? The answers to these questions are all matters of opinion, and when it comes to padded bras, my opinion is that yes, padded bras are more comfortable. I feel more confident wearing a padded bra; therefore, I am more comfortable wearing a padded bra.

Will a Minimizer Bra Help My Plus-Size Figure?

minimizer bra

Avoid a gaping blouse with a minimizer bra, which gives you a more slender silhouette.

Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who inspired the King of England to abdicate his throne, famously said, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” Simpson might also say that your breasts can never be too large, but we plus-size girls know that this is not true. There are times when bigger is not better, and that’s when a minimizer bra will help your plus-size figure.

What Is a Convertible Bra?

wear strap dress

A convertible bra is a wardrobe workhorse that can be styled with virtually every top in your closet.

Have you ever had to pass on a dress or top because you didn’t know what kind of bra you’d wear under it? Let this problem be a thing of the past: Add a convertible bra to your lingerie collection. A convertible bra is a practical style solution when you’re baffled by what to wear under a one-shoulder dress, halter-style top, racerback tank or even a wide bateau neck sweater.

What Is a Balconette Bra?


A balconette bra, also called a shelf bra, is a versatile bra option that combines cleavage and support.

Looking for some uplifting news? We’ve got some: The balconette bra offers the perfect mix of cleavage and support. Also called a shelf bra, a balconette bra features wideset straps that create a square neckline, offering you strong support in the band but not getting in the way of your favorite low-cut, scoop neck or bateau tops.

How Do I Eliminate Panty Lines?

panty line

There are three little letters no woman ever wants to hear: VPL, which stands for visible panty lines. This fashion faux pas refers to the unsightly lines on your derriere caused by the outline of your undies.

There are three little letters no woman ever wants to hear: VPL, which stands for visible panty lines. This fashion faux pas refers to the unsightly lines on your derriere caused by the outline of your undies.

What’s the Best Bra for Support?

bra support

Three-part cups, comfort straps, underwire and other features provide added support for plus-size and full-figured women.

Sometimes you want a bra that enhances. Sometimes you want a bra that minimizes. And sometimes you want a bra that downright flaunts your assets. But you always want a bra that supports your bust. No matter your end goal, you’ll find the best support in a bra that fits you properly.

How to Choose a Plus-Size Sports Bra

sports bra

A plus-size sports bra will provide the most support when it offers individual support to each breast.

Selecting the right sports bra is as crucial to achieving your fitness goals as choosing the right pair of athletic shoes—especially if you’re a plus-size woman. If you’re not wearing the right plus-size sports bra, you’ll experience uncomfortable bouncing, which a) hurts and b) makes you feel conspicuous on the trail or the treadmill.

How to Wash Your Bras the Right Way?

wash bra

Show support for your bras by hand-washing them with delicate detergent, gently wringing them out and then air-drying them.

When it comes to bras, cleanliness is next to sexiness, but unfortunately, bras—lacy, underwired and perhaps ergonomically enhanced—don’t hold up to most people’s approach to laundry. (Admit it … sometimes you, too, cram everything in the washer and forget about it, and then you eventually remember a few hours later to switch the load to the dryer.)

Sexy Plus Size Clothing

sexy plus

Embrace your inner goddess in sexy plus size clothing that contours your curves while making you feel amazing.

Fact: There’s more to dressing sexy that just showing skin. Sexy plus size clothing can help women of all shapes and sizes look and feel amazing by showcasing curves and playing up our best assets.

Common Mistakes When Buying Plus-Size Bras

common mistakes

Common mistakes when shopping for plus-size bras include not updating your measurements and thinking you can’t have sexy lingerie.

Bra shopping isn’t easy for any woman. After all, trying on bras isn’t exactly comfortable (scratchy price tags, anyone?). But bra shopping can feel especially problematic if you’re a plus-size woman. Too often, the limited plus-size bra selection at the mall seems matronly. But thankfully, we live in the modern era and can buy bras online, where we can choose from a wide selection of supportive and sexy plus-size bras. The task gets even easier when you avoid the common pitfalls of shopping for plus-size bras:

What Is a Seamless Bra?

seamless bra

The right seamless bra can virtually disappear under clothing—even popular body con styles and unforgiving knits.

Looking for an everyday bra to comfortably support and shape? Meet the seamless bra, an ever-popular style thanks to her nearly endless applications in your wardrobe.

What Is a Multiway Bra?

multiway bra

The versatility of a multiway or convertible bra opens up multiple fashion possibilities for full-figured and plus-size women.

It happens every spring and summer: I’m at the mall, and I see a super-cute dress. The dress is in the season’s hot color, and I see myself floating from happy hour to hot date wearing that dress. I try it on, look in the mirror and like what I see—except for one thing. My bra straps. They show. But I shouldn’t hang up that dress just yet. What I need is a multiway bra.

What Is a Nude Bra?

nude bra

A nude bra close to your skin tone offers versatility because it can be worn even under very sheer clothing.

Red bras are racy. Lacy black bras give off a sophisticated, sexy vibe. And leopard-print bras seem spicy and adventurous. But what about the nude bra? Is a nude bra beige and bland—or is it the secret weapon in any stylish woman’s lingerie drawer?

How To Buy Lingerie As Gift?

lingerie as gift

Give the gift of beauty and confidence this season: Learn how to buy lingerie that makes her feel like a goddess by following these simple tips.

Give the gift of confidence and beauty this holiday season: Buy lingerie. She’ll feel beautiful inside and out when she opens up a box containing something sensual and sexy, and you’ll feel amazing when you give her something she loves!

What Is a T-Shirt Bra?

tshirt bra

A T-shirt bra is all about function—it’s not a sexy bra, but it can make you look sexy.

Shopping for bras isn’t an easy task, and once you find a comfortable style, it’s tempting to make it your go-to bra—buy several, and wear that style with everything. But that would be a fashion faux pas. A well-rounded lingerie collection includes bras of various styles and purposes, from sexy to functional. One bra style no woman—plus-size or not—should be without is the T-shirt bra.

How Much of the Breast Should a Bra Cup Cover?

breast bra cup cover

Many full-figured women find that full coverage bras—styles in which the bra cup covers most of the breast—are the most comfortable, flattering options for day-to-day wear.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a comfortable everyday bra or something sexy to wear on a special night, it’s important to know how different bra cup styles can affect fit and function.

Are Bra Sizes Different For Different Companies?

bra dif size companies

Bra sizes vary between companies, find out how to get the perfect fit anyway!

Bras can be quite a mystery, let's be honest, and certainly finding the right size can be a challenge. It can be especially hard because, YES, bra sizes can be different for different companies. But there are some easy tricks to finding the right size for you. Most frequently size changes in the shape of the cup, and because the cups vary, the way you look and the size you need may change.

What Bra Should I Wear With A Strapless Dress?

bra wear strap dress

Finding a smooth, stylish and dare-I-say sexy strapless bra doesn't have to be a daunting task - even if you're bigger than a D-cup.

It doesn’t have to be about pulling, pinching and tugging, though. Whether you’re wearing a strapless gown on your wedding day, sporting a tube-style top for a fun night out or even donning a sundress on vacation, you can embrace strapless styles with the right strapless bra.

What Are The Most Popular Colors For Sexy Lingerie?

bra pop sexy colors

Find out what colors of lingerie are the most popular according to women and men.

Nothing is sexier than a beautiful women wearing lingerie. When it comes to style, a woman should wear the lingerie in which she feels the most comfortable, which leaves us one remaining factor: What is the Most Popular Color of Sexy Lingerie?