May Day

With a tradition that dates back centuries, May Day was originally about celebrating spring with dancing, singing and eating cake -- now that's my idea of a celebration! Brought to America by early settlers, May Day has been everything from workers’ day to just watching flowers pop up.

May Flowers

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with florals. There’s a part of me that associates flowers with making me look larger and older, and then there’s that part that makes me feel younger and fresher.

City Chic

Fashion is a lot like people...each brand has its own personality. One brand that is quickly becoming a fast friend to both me and is City Chic. "Born" in Australia with a clear mission to provide the quintessential shopping experience, City Chic created a design collection with a "unique to chic" fit, fabric and print mix, quickly growing from 6 to over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America. As a leading global plus size fashion, denim, dress and lingerie retailer, City Chic likes to say it is for 'Confidently Curvy' girls with a "Passion for Fashion."

Mom Mania

No, it’s not when your mother is ‘losing it’. It’s what happens when we all rack our brains trying to figure out what to get our moms, grandmothers and even our daughters if they are moms, for mother’s day. The go-to gift is always loungewear and sleepwear, but step it up a notch this year with clothes that transition from indoors to out, and look great all the while.

The Other Half

There is a reason why women buy 4 tops to every pair of bottoms…we just like them better. Think how many times you only look in a half mirror when you get ready…my go-to is my bathroom mirror and it’s all about the face, hair and upper half. Then reality hits and I realize that I can’t walk around in just underwear so, I might as well love what I put on the other half. I’ve budgeted three pairs of pants, with different purposes but all have to have great fit and look at least somewhat trendy…after all, if they’re new, I want them to look new.

The Water’s Fine

The swimwear’s great! This is the season to jump right in and buy a new swimsuit. I know it’s no one’s favorite activity, but when the trends are this pretty and the technology this good, well, even I can’t resist.

It’s So Taxing

Yes, it’s tax day. Just for the heck of it, I decided to look around and see if people in other countries were feeling as badly as some of us do when we look over our W2’s and see how much got deducted from what we earned.

Pretty Pastels

Monday morning, a gorgeous day in most of the country, and the perfect time to move out all those dark colors in your closet and give it a breath of fresh spring air – pastels are the immediate mood enhancers for the wearer and everyone who gets to envy her.

Time to Stock Up

If you live in the northeast, you’re about to have temps in the 60’s. In the west, they’ll be in the 70’s. Southwest, get ready for almost 90. If you’re still waiting to stock up on spring and summer clothes, why? Get ready to enjoy the warmer weather with warmer weather clothes, from capris to cap sleeves, and don’t forget to let your toes get some fresh air with the freshest sandals. The only choices you have to make are colors, but at such great prices, you can indulge in a spring bouquet!

Fifty Shades of Orange

There are actually at least 51 shades of orange, ranging from light shades with hints of yellow to deeper shades with more of a ‘burnt’ look. The smell of an orange gets you in a better mood…seriously. That’s why so many candles have orange in them.