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At What Age Should Girls Start Wearing Their First Bra?

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When to buy your daughter her first bra isn’t a matter of age but of breast development.

Every woman remembers her first bra—not to mention her first reading of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret? by Judy Blume. I was in fourth grade when I read it. What a page-turner! Bra shopping, lying best friends, first periods—that book had it all. The secrets of womanhood were in those pages (or so I thought).

But your perspective on first bras changes when it’s not your first bra but your daughter’s, and suddenly you just want to stop time. It would be nice if there were a clear-cut age at which girls should start wearing bras, but unfortunately, there’s not. One of the cruel twists of puberty is that we all develop at different rates, and in the modern world some girls need to start wearing bras as young as age 8. Others might not need a bra until sixth or seventh grade. So how do you determine if your daughter needs to wear a bra? Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • No matter her age, if your daughter exhibits signs of “budding”—the initial stage of breast development—then you will want to buy her a camisole or light sports bra to provide some extra coverage. At this stage, support really isn’t an issue, but modesty is.
  • If your daughter asks if she can wear a bra, definitely give consideration to her request. Most of her peers are likely wearing some form of bra, and she might feel more comfortable if she is wearing one, too.

When you shop, be prepared to see training bra options that are very padded or a little too grown-up. It’s best to figure out your comfort level with these styles before you and your daughter head to the store to avoid arguments or tense conversations.

As with any bra, the fit of your daughter’s first bra is important to determine. Both of you will likely feel more comfortable if you take her measurements yourself. Don’t forget to use fullbeauty.com’s measurement tips.

Your daughter might feel incredibly self-conscious about this shopping mission or want to keep it private. It’s a big day and will likely be emotional for both of you. You might want to pair the purchase with lunch and a movie so that both of you feel more comfortable with this milestone of womanhood.

Remember: Whether she’s wearing a training bra or a wedding veil, she’ll always be your little girl.

by Jordan Siegel



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  • Lauren Mawagi on October 20, 2013

    My daughter asked for a bra but never wears them because she claims that they are itchy.

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