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How To Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

breasts smaller

Helpful tips on how to camouflage your breasts and have people notice you instead.

For humbly chested women, it seems baffling that some busty women would want to camouflage or minimize the size of our chests. Well, it’s true! And I have a few helpful tips to help make your breasts look smaller.

When I was in school, there was nothing more embarrassing than when someone else noticed the size of my chest. I wanted people to see me as a person who happened to have curves rather than boobs with a person attached. As I have gotten older I have found some ways which work really well to minimize the appearance of my chest (and flatter my body), and let my personality take center stage.

1. A Good Fit – There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting bra. Your chest will always look big if you are spilling out of the cups. It might be hard to embrace the fact that you need a bigger size or a different style bra, but at the end of the day, it will be a much more flattering look. .

2. A Minimizing Bra – a Minimizer is a bra that is specially designed to make your chest look smaller. It lifts and compacts your cups to give you a smaller bust line. My personal favorite Minimizer is the Chantelle Hedona Seamless Underwire Bra which you can find at fullbeauty.com.

3. Body Shapers – Body, shapers are a great way to enhance your whole physique. The skimming and tightening fabric gives your whole body a smoother, more evenly proportioned look.

4. Scarves – I love scarves! I have way more than a single person needs. And though is might seem counter intuitive, having the draping fabric of a scarf covering you chest really adds depth to your body in the right way, covers cleavage, frames your face, and keeps you warm!

5. V-Necks – V-neck shirts are a great way to make your breasts look smaller, The neckline add an element of verticality that cuts the broadness of the chest. It elongates the line of your body and makes you look taller and more slender. Be careful about your cleavage, make sure the V is not so plunging that the girls are spilling out.

6. Avoid Tight Clothing – When a shirt is too tight, and it puckers across the chest, it make your chest look HUGE. Blouses that flow nicely or just skim the body are much more flattering than clothes that suffocate your curves.

7. Play Up Your Body – Since I have a big chest, my rule of thumb is loose on top, fitted on bottom. I accentuate my hips with skinny jeans, or a hip-hugging pencil skirt. That way, my chest isn’t the center of attention, and I can highlight another great part of my body. Slip on some killer heels and you look will be complete!

8. Clothing To Avoid – There are some looks that will be universally unflattering for your chest. 1950s style dresses with boat necks and natural waists. They can squeeze your breasts and make them look huge. Shirts that are too tight. Anything that puckers across the chest making ripples in the fabric. Anything that pulls buttons. Anything that shows too much cleavage.

There are so many more, and not all of these rules will apply all the time, but these are the ones I have grown to love. Keep it classy!

by Jordan Siegel



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