I wonder if the expression "to the max" happened because maxi dresses and skirts are maximum fashion right, but it should be. It's funny that maxi dresses actually look lighter and more airy than shorter dresses in summertime.

Spring? Spring!

Ok, it’s snowing and just around freezing, but it’s the first day of spring…this is why optimism is so important. It will be warm, it will be warm, it will be warm. I’m so convinced as I twitch my nose and click my heels that I am actually putting away the heavy sweaters this weekend. I made a little spring shopping list and just ordered what I need to get ready when the real spring finally shows up.

Green with Envy

Most holidays are really unique to the ethnicities of the celebrants. The one major exception is St. Patrick’s Day. Go to any office on March 17th and you’ll see people of every age, race and gender wearing something green. I’m one of them!
Spring Forward

Spring Forward

It isn’t just the clocks that moved forward…your feet are in fast pursuit! The spring shoe trends are everything we ever asked for – chic, comfortable and affordable.

Spring Dresses

Anytime you watch a movie about a woman looking pretty, she’ll be wearing a dress. I actually think it’s more about how you feel than how you look, and that feminine aura is definitely noticeable. Spring is synonymous with flowers and dresses, certainly in large part due to the Easter dresses we started wearing as little girls.


It's International Women's Day. On March 8th, thousands of events are held around the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements, including political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events.
Move It!

Move It!

When I have a conversation with my clothes, “move it” is usually the first thing I say. I expect them to stretch every way possible, and be ridiculously comfortable while looking great. Well, my clothes just said it back to me and for once, I’m listening. There is this style called ‘athleisure’, a combination of athletic looking clothing that is just as great when I’m running around town as when I’m catching up on missed episodes of ‘Nashville’ and ‘Chicago Fire’…athletic-leisure.

Sexy Style

Not since Venus d’ Milo, that goddess of beauty, has draping looked this good. One of the best spring trends is draping, in tunics, sweaters and dresses. Even some tees are draped because they add an element of comfort with a very flattering fit.


I love Kiyonna! And the creator’s story is like so many successful people who just happen to combine a great idea with genuine marketing savvy. Kim is a really smart girl who saw a need, did the research, and ended up creating a beautiful line of sexy, curve-hugging fashion for the younger plus-size customers.

Got It Covered

So many of us have gone from jackets to sweaters, mostly because of comfort. I’m no exception…give me a wrap sweater with draping that I can put my ever-present belt, and I’m a happy girl, from casual to dinner out. But every once in a while, I realize that there is nothing as flattering as a really good-fitting jacket.