Last Day of July

That fashionista crystal ball tells us what’s going to still be in next spring and summer. We used to call expensive clothes ‘investment spending’. Now, we define ‘investment spending’ as buying all-season clothes like these…

IGIGI…A fullbeauty FAVE

What makes IGIGI so fabulous? Maybe it’s because, as the testimonials confirm, they are as important to a 16 year old thankful for the perfect prom dress as to a 70 year old widow who wore an IGIGI dress to a fundraiser and felt ‘spectacular’.

Makeover & Moto

I was watching a show on televisions about makeovers and I realized the ‘rules’ of makeovers are pretty consistent. In fact, so consistent that you could easily treat yourself to a makeover with just a few hints.

Get Them While It’s Hot

You know when you have to get dressed, but you really don’t want to because it’s just too hot? Well, the only thing that can make the heat more bearable is to go a little bareable. You’ve seen all the commercials and it’s true…cotton is the fabric of our (summer) lives.
Summer Leisure

Summer Leisure

We’d like to think the concept of summer and leisure is redundant but, for the majority of us, summer is business as usual with warmer weather and maybe a few extra days off. And we make all these promises to ourselves, but then it just feels too hot to do much of anything. Start by actually committing to doing what you feel like doing and put the clothes out the night before. Suggestions?

Designer vs. Bargain

There was a great report on news this morning about jeans. They were comparing designer jeans to what they call 'bargain' jeans, which by the way I resent since bargain has a certain judgment to it.

Celeb Summer Style

If you've see celebs in magazines or on entertainment shows, you've seen what looks like a summer uniform...maxi skirt, tank top and denim jacket. The skirt is often floral, but can be one of summer's great colors or solid black or white.
Happy Feet

Happy Feet

It’s summer and you should pamper your feet. Give yourself a foot softening treatment…I’m obsessed with Ahava foot repair because it makes my not-so-great heels look so much better in sandals. Speaking of sandals…check these out!

Getting Hot Out There

It may feel like the heat has been going on for weeks, but summer has really just started. And so have the summer fashion trends! The winners are clearly lace, stripes and, sporty and see-worthy!
Winning Women

Winning Women

We all know that women’s sports never get the accolades and attention they deserve, but last night’s soccer win was the most brilliant star in the sports sky. What a night, what a game, what an opportunity for every little girl to see her own potential! It was an extraordinary game with incredible athletes, women who excel individually and as a team.