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How Do I Choose The Right Bra Straps?

bra bra straps

Comfortable bra straps result from proper fit and making sure straps are not too wide set for your anatomy.

By the end of the day, are your bra straps loose and sliding off, or are they digging into your shoulders and causing irritation? If you’re dealing with either situation, then I’ve got good news for you: The fix is easy. All you need to do to choose the right bra straps is invest a little bit of time in thinking about your body type and ensuring you know your correct bra size.

How to Choose the Best Bra for Your Body

bra brabody

Finding the best bra for your body is like finding fashion’s Holy Grail: The best bra will not only enhance and support your bust, but it will also change the way your clothes fit and feel.

Finding the best bra for your body is like finding fashion’s Holy Grail: The best bra will not only enhance and support your bust, but it will also change the way your clothes fit and feel. Make the most of your assets and wardrobe by finding the best bra for your body using the solutions below!

Should I Choose an Underwire Bra?

bra underwire

Decode the underwire bra and its benefits.

Choosing the the proper style bra is a common frustration among women. There are so many styles and fits; it can be difficult for many women to find the right fit. But when it comes to support, there are really only two ways to go, underwire or no underwire? And many women are left asking, should I wear underwire?

What Cup Sizes Are Best For Plus-Size Women?

cup size plus size

The answer to the question "What cup sizes are best for plus-size women?" depends on your measurements and support needs.

As a fashion-conscious plus-size woman, I’m often frustrated by clothing manufacturers’ tendency to assume that all plus-size women are full-busted. I wear a D cup, and when I was heavier, I carried my weight in such a way that I wore a larger band size and a smaller cup. Based on my experience, the answer to the question, “What cup sizes are best for plus-size women?” is, “It depends.” Both your cup size and the type of bra cup you choose depend on your measurements and your goals for the bra. (In other words: Is your goal full coverage and maximum support, or do you want to accentuate your assets?)

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Fitting Bra?

bad fitting bra

A proper bra fitting means you'll look and feel your best all day, every day. Find your bra fitting solution here.

Most of us have heard the oft-cited facts about the whopping percentage of women walking around in ill-fitting bras. For years, I thought these so-called statistics were a lingerie industry tactic to boost sales figures. My mind was changed, though, after I went in for a professional bra fitting on a whim. Not only had I been wearing the wrong size for years, but a proper bra fitting actually changed the way I thought about my body. In fact, what I saw as figure flaws were actually just signs up an ill-fitting bra.

What Are Some Good Options For Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie?

sexy plus size options

A proper bra fitting means you'll look and feel your best all day, every day. Find your bra fitting solution here.

It sometimes seems impossible as full-figured woman to find lingerie in a sea of frumpy looking bras. But the truth is, the more curve you have, the more support you need, and all too often, that means bras that means a sheath of suffocating fabric that makes you feel anything but sexy. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, because there are great options for sexy plus size lingerie.

How Do You Measure Your Bra Size

measure bra

Figuring out your bra size doesn't have to be confusing. Just use these simple steps.

Forget bad hair days … have you ever had a bad bra day? You know what I’m talking about: Your bra band is too tight; the underwire pokes you; your assets spill over; or you have more underarm bulge than cleavage. It’s a problem all women must endure—even Oprah, who devoted a 2005 episode to helping viewers learn how to properly measure their bra size. It’s estimated that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size of bra, which makes sense given that the slightest weight loss or gain can affect bra measurements.

Why Is It Bad To Sleep With A Bra On

bad to sleep

Learn the truth about what affects sleeping in a bra has on your bustline - and your skin.

Women everywhere can usually agree on a few things: The right bra can make one feel downright goddess-worthy, chocolate cravings can only be cured by indulging, and few things are as amazing as a fabulous new haircut. One thing we can't agree on, though, is whether one should wear a bra to sleep or not. Some women swear doing so prevents later sagging; others can’t stand the extra confinement when while they're asleep.

How To Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

breasts smaller

Helpful tips on how to camouflage your breasts and have people notice you instead.

For humbly chested women, it seems baffling that some busty women would want to camouflage or minimize the size of our chests. Well, it's true! And I have a few helpful tips to help make your breasts look smaller.

Where To Get A Good Sports Bra

where to find sports bra

The ins and outs of finding the right sports bra and 3 things to keep in mind when buying one.

Fact: The right sports bra can make or break a workout. This is something I know firsthand, but had to find out the hard way.

My quest to find the perfect sports bra started in high school as a member of the tennis squad. I spent a lot of time on the court back then: My hands were always calloused from my racket's grip, and perhaps worst of all, my back was constantly sore. The pain wasn't from building new muscles, it was because the sports bra I wore to practice just wasn't cutting it. After a particularly grueling practice a fellow C-cup on my team shared her trick to combating this problem in the locker room: She wore two sports bras to practice.

How Do You Wear A Push-Up Bra

push up bra

Feel beautiful and confident in the right push-up bra for every occasion.

If there is one thing that every woman needs in her wardrobe, it's a push-up bra. It gives any woman the confidence she needs -- and gives that skip in her step. It’s surefire way to feel beautiful and confident.

An Uplifting Lesson: Five Facts About the History of the Bra

bra history

Did you know that women have been wearing bras for thousands of years? Find out the interesting back story on that garment you rely on every day.

Millions – if not billions – of women around the world started their day just like you did today: They got up and they put on a bra. While it’s not revolutionary, it is something we all share with each other and our foremothers from generations past. In fact, bras – in some fashion – have been part of the female experience since 2500 B.C.

How Are Bra Sizes Measured?

how bra measured

It's a simple fact: Bra sizes vary and there are few (if any) viable one-size-fits all options. Grab a measuring tape and get ready to do some math to determine your best fit.

Bra sizes are a contentious and curious fact of life for a majority of curvy women and I am certainly no exception to this rule. Though I’ve been professionally fitted for bras several times in my adult life – twice on the same day a few weeks back – I’ve never been consistently a single size. Peer into my lingerie drawer, and you’ll see everything from a 34F to a 38D.

How to Choose Plus-Size Lingerie for Your Body Type

ling body type

To choose plus-size lingerie for your body type, concentrate on proper fit, accentuating your best features and matching your mood.

Watch the annual lingerie fashion show extravaganza on TV, and you’re likely to think that sexy lingerie and plus-size are mutually exclusive terms. Not so. In fact, retailers such as fullbeauty.com offer a tantalizing selection of wow-him options for plus-size women. Choosing the right plus-size lingerie for your body type doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember that your goal is confidence.

Where Can I Get A Professional Bra Fitting?

bra fitting

Getting fitted by a pro is the key to finding your dream bra, the kind that fits you just right.

Finding a bra that fits perfectly is like scoring a Barbie Dreamhouse for your body. I know that nothing brightens my day more than confidence in the way I look and feel, and let’s be honest ladies, no woman feels totally confident when she has to squeeze into an ill fitting bra. Eighty-five percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra and don't even know it. Here are a few resources to make sure that you are wearing the proper size.

Experimenting With Bra Size Calculators

Bra Calculator

Do online bra size calculators provide reliable results? Let’s take four for a test drive.

Determining what size of bra to buy can be complicated. Not only do you have to take some crucial measurements (read this fullbeauty.com Lingerie Buzz post for tips), but also you have to do math. The math isn’t terribly taxing, but in this day and age, it seems like you should be able to plug those measurements into a bra size calculator and instantly find out your bra size.